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Receive instant hotel project RFP leads (Requests for projects, services, pricing and proposals).

When timing is so important to winning the contact imagine the competitive advantage your sales team would have if they could instantly receive hotel project RFP leads sent to their Email, Blackberry, I-Phone, Palm or other PDA device the minute they are placed.

That is exactly what our innovative hotel project RFP purchasing technology does for your company. have earned a reputation as the complete source for the most qualified hospitality product and service providers and is constantly being contacted by the hotels, the owners, the managers, the developers, the construction managers and the purchasing managers requesting products and services to complete their projects.

Weather the property is a full service, limited service, flagged, independent, boutique, resort, casino, water-park, bed and breakfast, inn or serviced residence in any location. We can instantly distribute RFP leads to your sales team for every type of product or service that goes along with developing and operating a hotel.

Included with your subscription you will have access to our RFP section. You can view the RFP database and set up your account to have customized, targeted RFP leads sent to your Email, Blackberry, I-Phone, Palm or other PDA devise the minute they are placed by your potential customer.

You can even set up multiple notification accounts if you have a large sales team working different territories. When you become a subscriber you will receive your login and password to access the RFP lead section and you can set up instant notifications along with receiving your weekly hotel project leads reports.

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