Preferred Vendor Listing (Toilet Jack)

Toilet Master Jack

P. O. Box 53604
Lafayette, LA 70505

Contact: John E. Domingue
Phone: 337-981-3344
Email: click here


Company Description:
Never lift a toilet again. It lifts it for you. Don’t put yourself or your employees at risk of injury again. It’s sanitary. (you don’t have to touch the toilet itself) Eliminates the water mess. No water can spill over the p-trap. (it tilts water away) Toilet is never placed down on the floor. No wax mess to clean up. (it holds it for you) Don’t struggle with looking for a place to put the toilet. It stays on the jack through the entire process. (it rolls it for you) Don’t fight, guess or hope you align the toilet bolts correctly. (it aligns, inserts bolts and lowers for you - the first time, every time, perfect alignment) *Saves time and money *Saves wear and tear on employees

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