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Are you a hotel owner, manager, developer, chief engineer, purchasing manager, construction
manager, architect or designer?  

Are you looking for competitive pricing on products or services for your hotel, resort, casino,
bed & breakfast, inn, casino, or serviced residence and don’t have time contact hundreds of

Do you want the most qualified consultants, designers, architects, contractors, and suppliers
in the hospitality industry?  Look no further! works with the most qualified professionals in the industry to get you
the most competitive pricing.  We are your purchasing partner and your complete source for
product and service suppliers in the hospitality industry.  

When embarking on a new hotel development, construction project, renovation, re-flagging,
redevelopment or addition it cannot be understated the importance of selecting the right
project partners because this will determine the success or failure of your project.  

The champions of the industry must be qualified, reliable and offer competitive pricing.  Each
company involved in your project is an integral part a team and an important link in a time
sensitive process to deliver a successful project that is on time and within budget.   

Whether embarking on a new project for a flagged, independent, boutique, full service, limited
service, resort, water-park, bed & breakfast, inn, serviced residence or casino property. works with the most qualified and established professionals in the
industrial in every part of the world.

Our innovative purchasing technology can effortlessly put you in touch with the most qualified
professionals and get you the most competitive pricing at no cost to you.  

We are your one stop shop for every type of product or service that goes along with developing
and operating a hotel.  It is our goal to save you time and money supplying your hotel and
completing your projects.

To submit your RFP please complete the form on this page and our participating partners will
contact you.
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